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With a not guilty verdict in a felony jury trial yesterday in Riverhead, the senior associate in my office, PETER BARK, won his second felony jury trial in less than one month.

Imagine you are facing a criminal charge for which you could go to prison.

Q: Who would you trust with your future?
A: The lawyer with the most experience and a consistent winner.

And that lawyer is Peter Bark, the senior associate in my office.

In yesterday's case, involving a person who was charged with attempted robbery, the accused was found not guilty after two days of jury deliberation. He was facing 7 years in prison if he had been convicted, but he walked out of court a free man.

Earlier this month a Hispanic client, facing an all white, non-Hispanic jury, was found not-guilty of all charges. He was facing 25 years and had rejected a plea deal in which he would have had to serve 8 years in prison.

Mr. Bark has now won 4 felony jury trials in a row in Suffolk County and that doesn't happen often. In addition, Mr. Bark won his last four felony jury trials in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Mr. Bark is now in his 45th year as a criminal defense trial attorney. He has conducted hundreds of jury trials and is a brilliant trial lawyer whose knowledge of the law is second to none. Mr. Bark's genius is his ability to spot a winning defense under almost every circumstance.


We're experienced WINNERS.

You are looking for a Long Island criminal defense attorney who can obtain the best result for you. Sometimes your case must go to trial and you will need a criminal defense lawyer with proven trial skills. At Laurence A. Silverman & Associates, we have defended more than 100 criminal jury trials and we have an excellent record of acquittals and victories.

Most cases can be settled with a plea bargain and never require appearance at trial. To get a good plea bargain, you will need a smart, resourceful Long Island criminal defense lawyer to devise a plan to successfully resolve your case without a trial. The lawyer might convince the prosecutor to dismiss your case if you participate in an alcohol program, go for psychological counseling, or do some community service. Your attorney may be able to obtain a dismissal by convincing your accuser to go to mediation outside of the court as well.

Here are just a few examples of how Laurence A. Silverman & Associates have succeeded for our clients:

A client with no prior criminal record was unfairly being held on high bail, $50,000. Our firm took the unusual step of appealing the case to a higher court and, on May 29, 2015, we convinced the Appellate Judges to reduce the bail to a much lower amount that the family could afford. Our client is now out of jail.

A 45-year old Ronkonkoma man was charged with participating in a gun point robbery of a coin shop. He faced 7 to 10 years in an upstate prison. We learned he was a marine combat veteran, suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. The client was taken advantage of by others posing as marine veterans who urged him to accompany them on an errand. We waged a 2-year battle with the district attorney, finally convincing the DA and the judge that our client deserved a break.

A 21-year old substance abuser from Roslyn was accused of committing his 4 th DWI while still on probation for his 3 rd offense. Because we understood the nature of our client's alcohol and drug dependence, we were able to successfully plan a strategy that included long-term, in-patient treatment, and we convinced the judge that treatment was a better alternative than upstate jail.

A 30-year old man with a history of severe alcohol abuse entered his neighbor’s house after a fight with his wife (without realizing it) and did a lot of damage to the property while intoxicated. We fought the case and got it dismissed within a week.

A 30-year old from Huntington Station was accused of his 3 rd DWI after crashing into a tree. The client was a dedicated family man and hard worker who suffered from alcohol dependence. He faced a long-term jail sentence and possible deportation. The U.S. Immigration Department got involved and held the client, but our firm was able to engineer the client's release from immigration custody. We kept our client from returning to jail by having him participate in a special treatment program favored by the judge.

A 30-year old heroin addict was charged with burglarizing his girlfriend’s home on 3 occasions. He faced several years in prison if convicted. Our team was able to convince the district attorney and the judge that the client should participate in a court-approved drug treatment program to be followed by probation. The plan worked. The client, however, had a difficult time beating his addiction. He began using drugs again and was arrested for violating his probation. We were able to convince the district attorney and the judge to allow our client to return to treatment, helping him to ultimately avoid jail.

A 47-year old man was arrested by a Suffolk County jail correction officer after an argument at the jail. The client insisted that the officer was the aggressor. At trial, we convinced the judge that the proof was insufficient. The judge agreed and dismissed the case. Our client went home a free man.

A man was on probation for his 2 nd DWI and his driver’s license was revoked. He was a passenger in his girlfriend's car when she got sick and could not drive but needed medical care. The client took over the driving and got pulled over and was arrested for Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the Second Degree. He faced jail, job loss, and financial ruin. We were able to effectively demonstrate the special circumstances to the district attorney, who agreed to dismiss the most serious charge.

A 29-year teacher was accused of having an illegal sexual relationship with a 15-year student in his school. The evidence of the client's guilt was overwhelming. The client faced 4 or more years in upstate prison. We succeeded in having the client's confession suppressed and the case went to trial. Our strong cross examination of the prosecution witnesses created doubt and the result was a hung jury.

A 32-year man was arrested for DWI with a high blood alcohol reading. He was an army veteran of the Iraq war who suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome. He was also studying to become a lawyer. We appealed to the district attorney for special consideration and submitted details of our client's service to our county. The case ended successfully and our client continued his studies to become a lawyer.

A Suffolk County man was charged with selling drugs to an undercover law enforcement officer. The client absolutely denied the charge and had suspicions that it was his brother who made the sale. We told the district attorney that our client would not take a plea under any circumstances. After 18 months of standing firm against the district attorney, the case is dismissed.

A 40-year old El Salvadoran man from Brentwood faced his first charge of DWI. He came to us after no luck with a different lawyer. He told us that he had already gone to court, entered a guilty plea to the charge, and agreed to go on probation for 3 years. However, he was very unhappy about the probation. We were able to get the client screened by an approved Alcohol Counselor and we then convinced the judge to eliminate the probation.

After Attorney Silverman successfully defended a teenage client charged with assault on a neighbor, the dispute between the parties continued and more charges against our client seemed likely. Willing to think outside the box, we came up with a solution. With the help of a local law enforcement officer, we arranged to go the neighborhood, bring the two families together, and work out an agreement so both sides could live in peace. No further charges were pressed by either side.

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