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Blogs from December, 2017

Happy Outcome...Happy New Year


On June 27th 2017, my client was arrested on a misdemeanor charge with a bail of one hundred dollars for an incident that was basically a miscommunication. My client was detained by Immigration Services immediately after his arraignment and continues to be in ICE custody. Due to his ICE status, we maneuvered his case into a trial posture right away and on October 2, 2017 I successfully had his criminal case dismissed.

This is a nightmare scenario for this teenaged boy. He has been interviewed by ICE without the benefit of legal representation. Pressure from the media concerning gang violence on Long Island has forced a reaction from our government, and the laws on immigration are constantly changing. He has been profiled as a gang member in this new crackdown, seemingly due to his young age and country of origin. If the Immigration Court fails to give him due process, the consequences could be devastating to him.

No proof has been proffered as to his alleged gang affiliation. If he is returned to El Salvador, he faces treacherous circumstances. He is a bright, talented, insightful, kind young person who is aspiring to be a chef. We were successful in criminal court. Hopefully he will find success in the Immigration Court as well.

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