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Case Results

  • Charges Dismissed
    After Attorney Silverman successfully defended a teenage client charged with assault on a neighbor, the dispute between the parties continued and more charges against our client seemed likely. Willing to think outside the box, we came up with a ...
  • License Not Revoked
    Breath Test Refusal
    In this case, the client was in an accident in front of a firehouse. Police responded immediately, claimed he smelled of alcohol and arrested him. Police then claimed he refused to take the breath test. At the hearing, the burden is on the police to ...
  • Case Dismissed
    Drug Crime
    A Suffolk County man was charged with selling drugs to an undercover law enforcement officer. The client absolutely denied the charge and had suspicions that it was his brother who made the sale. We told the district attorney that our client would ...
  • In-Patient Treatment
    DWI/Violation of Probation
    A 21-year old substance abuser from Roslyn was accused of committing his 4 th DWI while still on probation for his 3 rd offense. Because we understood the nature of our client's alcohol and drug dependence, we were able to successfully plan a ...
  • No Conviction, No Sex Offender Registration
    Rape of a Minor
    Client is an undocumented immigrant from Central America. He was charged with the Rape of a minor, and other sex crimes. The prosecution's evidence included an hour and a half long videotaped confession. Determined to ensure minimal impact on his ...
  • Not Guilty
    In this case, involving a person who was charged with attempted robbery, the accused was found not guilty after two days of jury deliberation. He was facing 7 years in prison if he had been convicted, but he walked out of court a free man.
  • Lesser Sentence
    A 45-year old Ronkonkoma man was charged with participating in a gunpoint robbery of a coin shop. He faced 7 to 10 years in an upstate prison. We learned he was a marine combat veteran, suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. The client was ...
  • Hung Jury
    Sex Crime
    A 29-year teacher was accused of having an illegal sexual relationship with a 15-year student in his school. The evidence of the client's guilt was overwhelming. The client faced 4 or more years in an upstate prison. We succeeded in having the ...
  • No Probation
    A 40-year old El Salvadoran man from Brentwood faced his first charge of DWI. He came to us after no luck with a different lawyer. He told us that he had already gone to court, entered a guilty plea to the charge, and agreed to go on probation for 3 ...