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Do you have to go to Family Court in Suffolk County or Nassau County because you are being accused of interfering with the visitation rights of your child’s parent? Are you having problems getting enough quality visitation time with your child? Is the parent of your child interfering with your right to visitation? Are you a grandparent who is being blocked from having any visitation with your grandchild?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, did you know that you can go into family court in Suffolk and Nassau County and request help getting the visitation you deserve? But, going to these courts on your own and without an experienced and caring family law attorney, is a mistake. You will need a lawyer by your side who knows the system and who will be able to speak for you and explain your special circumstances.

Our Long Island visitation lawyers at Laurence Silverman & Associates have over five decades of experience handling all these types of cases. We can review your case, figure out your available legal option, and help you obtain the most favorable result possible.

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Visitation Rights in New York

When a family judge grants one parent sole custody of a child, the other parent who doesn’t have custody (known as the noncustodial parent) is given visitation rights with the child, unless there is a good reason why shouldn’t have such rights (e.g. domestic violence, alcohol/drug abuse, unsafe home environment, etc.). Visitation allows noncustodial parents to see their child on a regular and continuous basis. The courts encourage both parents to have an ongoing relationship with their children.

The following parties can file for visitation in New York:

  • A child’s biological parent

  • A child’s grandparents

  • A child’s siblings

Both parents who can cooperate and are amicable toward one another can create their visitation schedule. If not, the court will decide on visitation schedule according to the best interests of the child.

In most cases, when a child is attending school, the noncustodial parent can visit every other weekend and have the child stay overnight at least once a week. Both parents often alternate school holidays. During summer break, the noncustodial parent may spend more time with the child (e.g. one entire week or go on a trip). If the noncustodial parent lives far away from the other parent’s home, the court may grant more or less visitation time.

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Reach out to Laurence Silverman & Associates now to set up an appointment to find out how we can help you. We can defend against claims that you are interfering with the visitation rights of the other parent, or we can help you bring a petition to get you the visitation you deserve. The child’s future depends on you doing the right thing and having the help of the right attorneys.

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