Sealing a Criminal Record

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Having a criminal record can be problematic in life, especially when it comes to applying for new employment opportunities, applying for loans, or maintain proper housing. The state of New York does not offer expungement or removal of criminal records, but you may be eligible to have your criminal record sealed.

Sealing a criminal record does not remove or erase an existing criminal record. When a criminal record is sealed, any material used in your conviction will be destroyed including, DNA samples, mug shots, and fingerprints.

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Am I eligible to seal my record?

Unfortunately, not all criminal convictions are eligible for record sealing. You will not be eligible to have your record sealed if you have been convicted of a class A felony, registered as a sex offender, or been convicted of particularly violent felonies. You will be considered for eligibility if; 10 years or more have passed since your sentencing.

Eligibility may be considered if any of the following apply to your case:

  • Did you complete a court-ordered drug program as part of the sentence in your case?
  • Were you sentenced to the shock incarceration program?
  • Did you participate in a Drug Court program?
  • Did you participate in the Judicial Diversion program?

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