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Driving a car with a suspended or revoked license is more serious than a simple traffic offense like speeding or running a red light. It is a crime, usually a misdemeanor, and in some cases a felony. Depending on your driving record and the reason for your driver’s license suspension, a conviction for driving with a suspended or revoked license can result in a jail sentence of up to 4 years. If you are charged on Long Island with driving with a suspended or revoked license, don’t wait to contact a Long Island criminal defense attorney at Laurence A. Silverman & Associates for help.

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Backed by more than a century of combined legal experience, our team is ready to help you fight charges for driving with a suspended or revoked license. By listening carefully to your side of the story, can are better able to come up with an effective strategy to defend you against your charges.

  • Our attorneys can spot defects and mistakes in law enforcement paperwork that might result in a dismissal of your case.
  • We are fully familiar with all laws that apply to charges of this nature. In many cases, a dismissal can be obtained even without you appearing in court. In other cases, a dismissal can be obtained if the prosecutor fails to file important papers with the court.
  • Our firm has access to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) computer and can obtain a Driver's Abstract for you right from our office. One of our attorneys can explain the details of the abstract to you and guide you through the process of cleaning up your driver’s license, getting rid of all your violations, and putting you in position to get your license back.
  • We represent clients all over Long Island, including Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties. Our clients come from Patchogue and Port Jefferson; Shirley and Setauket; Hempstead and Huntington; Riverhead and Ronkonkoma; Glen Cove and Great Neck; and more.

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